Ambition by Jehue.  It was with a great measure of pride that I accepted an invitation to be present last Saturday when Jehue Gordon launched his signature cologne at Brian Lara’s house.

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Its worth all the trouble. Time is valuable.  We have to spend it wisely and focus on the things that really matter.

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Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has appealed to the society at all levels to get rid of the “gimme gimme” mentality and return to the spirit of volunteerism. It’s a most timely message given the economic truth facing T&T. Self sufficiency and ambitious visions to achieve and maintain financial independence must be the goal of our major sport organisations.

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Maximising  commercial potential is often easier said than done. 

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The uniqueness of sport and that human beings view sport as a special experience and having a special place in their lives underpin what some say is a love-hate relationship. In the best and worst  of times, sport is intangible, experiential and subjective. Bernard Mullin, Stephen Hardy and William Sutton probably said it best— sports are expressions of our humanity that can’t be bottled like water.

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