President Carmona Installs First Gender Equal TTOC Executive

Left to right: Reyah Richardson (Executive member), Giselle La Ronde-West (Executive Member), Racquel Moses (Trustee), Dr. Terry Ali (Vice President), Diane Henderson (Vice President), Ephraim Serrette (Vice President), Brian Lewis (President), His Excellency Anthony Carmona, Curtis Nero (Treasurer), Annette Knott (Secretary General), Dave Williams (Trustee), Nadine Seemongal (Assistant Secretary General), Wendell Constantine (Executive Member).

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Following the installation, His Excellency expressed confidence that the newly installed TTOC Executive Committee has within its ranks the competencies and cadre of experience to carry out the mandate set out by the TTOC President.
His Excellency Anthony Carmona and Curtis Nero
Former 1986 Miss World Giselle La Ronde-West, Curtis Nero, Nadine Khan, Racquel Moses, Ephraim Serrette and Reyah Richardson were among the newcomers installed for the first time.
The re-elected members were Brian Lewis, Dr. Terry Ali, Diane Henderson, Annette Knott, Dave Williams, and Wendell Constantine.
The Lewis led Executive will serve for the 2017 - 2020 Olympic Quadrennial.


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