CONCACAF man: Good opportunity for TTFF

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CONCACAF director of development Hugo Salcedo believes that the timing could be right for the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation to embrace change and work towards good governance for the benefit of the local game.

Salcedo was speaking at the conclusion of the 28th CONCACAF Congress at the Westin Playa Hotel in Panama on the weekend.

He spoke on various issues,  explaining that the TTFF could now work towards recovering from some of the matters that have stymied its growth for maybe a decade or more. He said it was important that all TTFF members and stakeholders work collectively towards a common vision.

“Basically the impact (findings of the CONCACAF Integrity Committee) is very strong and very sad for all of us. But we all said it here that we have to put it aside and concentrate more on the future. I think that president Jeff Webb, our general secretary Enrique Sanz and all of us are committed to the game and that’s the most important thing,” Salcedo told TTFF Media.

“We have already started the development programmes and  we are looking forward to it.. I personally have been involved for so many years, and I’m so happy that we have the opportunity to restart the new movement of this new era of CONCACAF.”

Salcedo added that he was saddened by the revelations made by the CONCACAF Integrity Committee on matters involving former CONCACAF bosses Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer.

“We hope that this will be the end. The only thing we can get out of it is for it to never happen again.”

He went on to add that the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation under president Raymond Tim Kee would have the support of the Confederation in moving forward, referring to the senior team’s qualification for the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup and the impressive showing of  the Under-17 men’s team at the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers as promising signs.

“Absolutely the support will be there for you.  Again the commitment is from all of us and not only from us in CONCACAF but if you saw today we have members of UEFA and FIFA and now this movement with Africa. There is tremendous support. We will not only like to give support to Trinidad and Tobago but also all of our 40 member associations and they will not walk alone. We are going to be working together hand in hand,” added Salcedo who has over 30 years’ experience in executive positions with FIFA, CONCACAF, US Soccer and Major League Soccer.