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Trinidad and Tobago table tennis team left Piarco this morning for Surat, India via Barbados, London and Delhi to participate in the Table Tennis Commonwealth Championships.

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Table TennisThe invention of table tennis is credited to the innovation of game manufactures such as English sports manufactures John Jaques & Sons that sought to market an indoor version of lawn tennis. Several unsuccessful proto types came before the final product, which included several board games and patented “table cricket” and “table football”.

The game became popular through out Europe and in 1926 the International Table Tennis Federation was formed and the first constitution and rules of table tennis were drafted and agreed upon. Millions around the world today enjoy table tennis both recreationally and professionally with many local, regional and international leagues and tournaments.

The sport became a well-respected Olympic sport in 1988 and the Commonwealth Games in 2002. Trinidad Table Tennis Association is the governing body in Trinidad and Tobago.

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