Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP)

The Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) held in Trinidad and Tobago was a joint pilot project between UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee. The project was held from 9 – 13th August 2010, and included participants from Guyana, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada.

The Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) Toolkit was developed to aid adults and teachers in teaching roles to enhance the physical and moral development of the children and youth in their care, through the Olympic values of international peace and unity. Olympic Education covers a variety of subjects within the curriculum ranging from the Sport and Physical Education (individual, team, adapted, cooperative, competitive, school, club, community) to Science and Mathematics (Measurement, time and distance, technology, sport problems) as well as tackling current issues such as promoting women’s participation and inclusive sports education through Olympic Days, Spreading Olympic Values worldwide.

Among the many core-values it addresses, the following described are an example of what ASPnet teachers could focus on:

Using the power of sport to help equip those involved in youth development issues with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary to help adolescents become productive, responsible citizens and active contributors to national, regional and global development processes.

To reduce youth vulnerability and to help young people make the transition from childhood to support youth development through sport; support the development of their human and social identity; and help them to achieve a secure start to life

To address differently science and mathematics education through the promotion of sports and its values.

The objectives of the Programme are:

To increase the awareness of the Olympic Values and Olympism
To expand the knowledge base of those values to be shared through sport
To formalize the training and certification of a cadre of persons throughout the Education Districts of Trinidad and Tobago
To promote and expand on the three plans of the Olympic Movement – Education
To meet the mandate of the Olympic Movement I the promotion and expansion of one of its key pillars - Education

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