Sport Administration Courses

The Olympic Solidarity Sports Administration Courses are designed to assist those who work in the sports movement throughout the world. The programme provides guidelines on how sports should be administered at its local regional and international levels.

It is hoped that an increase in coordination and uniformity of teaching will continue to produce the excellent results that have been achieved to date. This programme is a solid platform on which to build and promote sport and Olympism throughout the world.

The training of sports administrators is designed to assist those who work and volunteer in the sports movement to operate more effectively – and more happily.

It begins, by necessity, with defining values, attitudes and philosophy about sport. It includes the study of the theory and requisite skills for administration and management. It provides information about how to solve various need, problems and concerns. Above all else, the training of sports leaders centers on improving interpersonal relationships, communication between individuals and commitment by many to advance sport opportunities for people – young and old.

The Course is designed:

To be relevant to National Olympic Committees around the world

To cover the most common needs and skills of a volunteer administrator or elected executive of a National Olympic Committee or any other sports organization.

To be an “open” programme; all comments and remarks on the course will be welcome so that we may improve the material

To provide knowledge which may be passed on to others

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