Advanced Sport Administration Courses

The key objective of the Olympic Solidarity Advanced Sport Administration Courses is to improve the performance of National Olympic Committees and Olympic Sport Organizations by creating a learning community.

The objective of the courses is to bring about change within the participant’s organization. Thus, the Advanced Sport management Courses are designed for volunteers and paid staff who fall into two categories:

Participants may be at the Executive level of the National Olympic Committee, National Federations and other bodies responsible for the development of sport. As individuals involved at a senior level in the management of Olympic Sport Organizations, their expertise and experiences will contribute to the learning that can be gained from the course. Participants at this senior level will be able to complete the case study work and presentations that are a key part of the courses.

Participants may be less senior members of staff or volunteers who have responsibility for managing projects in the Olympic Sport Organization. Should such a participant attend the Advanced Sport Management Courses, it is essential that their attendance be fully supported by Senior or Executive staff. This is to ensure that the participant has the mandate to apply the course material to their Olympic Sport Organization situation, which is likely to bring about change in the organization. If they are not able to do this, they will be unable to complete the Advanced Sport Management Course, which is why such a participant needs full support.

The training time for delivery of this course is usually about 12 – 18 months.

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