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Contract bridge or simply bridge is one of the most popular playing card games around the world today. The game developed from an earlier English card game known as whist somewhere in the early 1800’s.

There are two main parts to this game, namely the bidding and the play. Bidding is also called the auction, where each team competes to name the contract. This refers to the number of tricks in excess of six the team proposes to win. After the bidding, the actual play begins in which the team that wins the bid attempts to fulfill its contract while the opposing team tries to prevent the team from doing so. Points are scored when the team succeeds in fulfilling its contract, while failure in doing so results in penalties.

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) organizes international bridge tournaments regularly. The Trinidad and Tobago Contract Bridge Association (TTCBA) organizes official tournaments locally. Contract bridge is not part of the Olympic Games, but the TTCBA is an affiliate member of the TTOC.

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