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MAILING ADDRESS 4 Waddell Street, Vistabella, San Fernando
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Darts is a projectile game where players compete by throwing darts (the projectile) at a dart board (a circular board with specific targets, hung from a wall). There are several games that can be played on a standard dart board and there are sever different types of dart boards. The most common dart games played on standard dart boards are 501, 301,and cricket. Darts are traditionally an English pub game for recreation and has been since the late 1800’s. The first dart boards were made from elm wood and required constant treatment and maintenance. Modern boards are made from sisal fibers, which need less maintenance. The dart itself is renowned for its accuracy and has been used by natives from around the world in different variations, most noticeably as blow weapons for hunting and warfare.  Though darts is not an Olympic or Commonwealth Games event, there are professional organizations, leagues and tournaments around the globe. The World Darts Federation (WDF) was formed in 1976. The Trinidad and Tobago Darts Association is the governing body for organized darts in Trinidad and Tobago and is an affiliate of the TTOC.

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