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EquestrianEquestrian's Dressage comes from European Military Cavalry training.  The word "Dressage" is a French word that means training. In Dressage the rider and the horse are assigned to do some movements.  They also have to do it in order.  This is to show how well the horse is trained and how good the rider is, but the most important thing is to show how they both work together.

The sport was first introduced in the Olympics in 1912 but was only for military riders, now everyone can compete. Athletes compete in three categories of events: dressage, eventing and jumping. Each category features a mixed individual and a mixed team competition.

Equestrian events are held in every Olympic Games with only a limited number of countries participating.

The Trinidad and Tobago Equestrian Association (TTEA) is the local body responsible for equestrian. Please follow this link for more information about the TTEA:

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