AFFILIATE National Pigeon Racing Commission of Trinidad & Tobago
CONTACT (868)625-9813
MAILING ADDRESS #3 Scott Bushe Street, Port of Spain
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Through out modern history, pigeons have been utilized by humans for the use of communicating and reconnaissance because of their remarkable ability to cover large distances in reasonable time at a safe altitude. During World War I many allies sent messages and even attached cameras to the pigeons for aerial reconnaissance. The homing ability the pigeons possess has astonished humans for decades. Inevitably pigeons have also been used for entertainment and sport in the form of pigeon racing. Owners release specially trained pigeons and the distance covered and the time taken is measured and compared to competitors. Races are typically between 100km and 1000km. The National Pigeon Racing Commission of Trinidad and Tobago is the affiliate of international pigeon racing in Trinidad and Tobago. Pigeon racing is not an Olympic Sport, but is an affiliate of the TTOC.

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