Making sense of purpose and priority - Things That Matter

T&T has an abundance of world class talent and potential. If only we believed in ourselves and not spend too much time focusing on what’s wrong. When life happens and things don’t go the way you expect it, it is easy to question yourself.Self doubt sets in and you question yourself and allow others to get into your head with their negativity.

Preparation pace quickens at Olympic House - Things That Matter

Breaking point. Trinidad and Tobago is at a crucial place. People make decisions on the basis of agendas. It is about what is convenient and expedient. It matters not what the truth may be. Once it serves their own agenda, that’s it! Fairness and equity is dependent on interests of those who believe that money and more money makes the world go round and round.

Carnival is T&T’s positive secret weapon

There are those who take issue with Carnival for various reasons. Carnival mentality is seen in some quarters as a negative. Many years ago leader of Singapore, at the time, Lee Quan Yew suggested that Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival mentality is more curse than blessing.

Sport industry—answer to T&T's economic woes? - Things That Matter

Why is the concept of a sport industry in T&T still receiving lipservice only?

Deneilson Smith

Stark messages for law-abiding citizens - Things That Matter

Schoolmates of murdered Success Laventille Secondary students Deneilson Smith and Mark Richards, described as “real madness,” the shooting of both teens shortly after they were pulled out of a PH taxi along Picton Road, Laventille, last Thursday.

Sweet, Sweet Trinidad and Tobago - Things That Matter

Approaching the home stretch of the 34th edition of the T&T International Marathon with the finish line in sight, a group of spectators, who may have been early finishers, started singing calypsonian Lord Funny's ditty: ‘Sweet, Sweet Trinidad, How I love mih country bad.” It was welcoming, patriotic music for the ears of some weary travellers.