At times I don’t think people appreciate how tough T&T can be. This is a place where people tear you down simply because you may not be like them.

That may be based on the colour of your skin or your address. There is so much us and them.

As we start a new year and the struggle gets more pronounced it will become even more a priority that the temptation to become over protective will set in.

It’s becoming harder and harder to dance around the obvious and to tolerate rank nonsense. If we have to make a modicum of progress not significant progress we have to rock the boat hard.

There are people who are flat out impediments to the transformation that is required and by tolerating them and their antics the entire transformation and modernisation of sport is endangered.

In the current economic climate where obtaining funding is not as easy as it was in the days of plenty, a sense of urgency is required. National sport organisations must act and act fast because this is certainly not a time to waste time and resources.

Decisions have to be made and made fast.

Sport in T&T must dig deep, no hypocrisy, no pulling of punches as 2018 will present all kinds of challenges. The bottom line is given the situation it’s survival business for sports as it is for any other sector of the economy.

The national sport organisations that are strategically sharp and organized will overcome and thrive in the chaos of the dire economic climate.

It’s is going to be an unforgiving landscape and its likely to get much worse before it gets better.

That having been said, it’s going to be a period when great achievements will be forged in the face of all the challenges.

As we walk into the belly of the fire there is an adrenaline rush of excitement for those who are battle ready. Let the battle begin.

Economic challenges can be an equaliser as side by side regardless of colour, creed or race each of us face the choice- be vulnerable alone or be stronger together.

As difficult as things maybe it is a great time to seize on the opportunity to bring out the best in each other.

Let the battle begin.

Man the battle stations. Be ready don’t drop the ball. This is the opportunity to emerge better than ever.

Let the battle begin. Be ready..There is no turning back the hands of the clock.

Forward ever, backward never.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brian Lewis is the the President of the T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC) and the views expressed as not necessarily those of the organisation