You have to want it so badly that nothing else matters. To represent your country you have to want it even more. You have to have a strong mind. Olympic and elite level sport is about constant improvement otherwise you will be left behind.

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Take personal responsibility , focus on solutions rather than on the problems and having a plan, a strategy and priority for your training and performance.

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Former President of Cuba Fidel Castro playing a game of Chess with two young Cuban boys.

Events on the sports field have shaped us as a country. In tough times, sport has united us as a country; sport is how we express ourselves as a nation—especially at the Olympic Games, IAAF, and Fifa World Cup nand the World Netball championships which proves that sport matters.

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Sport at this point in time in its history is in a deep and intense battle to rise up from the fog of tradition and its status quo into the modern world.

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Flashback: Founder of the Secondary Schools Leadership Symposium Valentino Singh, second from left, with Cleopatra Borel. Carlos Greene and Thema Williams.

“Forever!” That was my reply when I was asked how long I have known Valentino Singh.

“You not serious.” That was my reaction when told that we are into his last days on the job.

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