Things That Matter Column Tuesday 6th February

Last week at the Siga Sport Integrity Forum in Rome - there was a lot of candid discussion about sport governance and the importance of governance on the integrity of sport.

Change, adapt or get out of the way

At times I don’t think people appreciate how tough T&T can be. This is a place where people tear you down simply because you may not be like them.

Bureaucracy holding back T&T sport

Hard questions need to be asked of everyone in the T&T sport system.

In these days of hard economic times, where money is hard to come by—value for money—is the key metric and with bureaucracy sucking up a large percentage of the funding that is available, there is a cause for unease.

Stop making promises that cannot be fulfilled

There are individuals who are manipulative, dishonest and disingenuous and who appear to believe in concepts such as good governance, accountability and equity, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Who cares?

Connecting the dots, given constraints and conflicts, financial constraints count as limited resources. Decision making and goal setting are providing a searching examination of almost everyone holding leadership, policy making, administrative and managerial responsibility. Some find it easier than others.

Walk a mile in their shoes

The Beetham Gardens community took centre stage last week as residents blocked the roadway, threw missiles at motorists causing panic along the Beetham Highway.