WITH ONLY a few weeks left until the Olympic torch is lit in Rio, the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) has unveiled Roderick ‘Chuck’ Gordon as its third cultural partner.

The two-time Calypso Monarch King Gordon has taken up the mantle of responsibility and is relishing the opportunity to continue to show his support for Team TTO and the athletes.

“It’s an honour to be a cultural partner because sport and culture combined are both integral pillars and contributors to national development and unity,” said an excited Gordon. “As a citizen focused on this thrust, I extend great courtesy and gratitude to the TTO C for this venture and I endeavour to engender a sense of nationalism. The Olympics is a most opportune time to do so.” Gordon’s partnership with the TTO C has already seen him perform his official TTO C song – ‘Bleeding Red, White and Black’, for President Anthony Carmona at a recent reception held for the athletes. The sweet melodic song received high praise from those in attendance and encourages citizens to believe in themselves and their country. It evokes a spirit of patriotism and determination to achieve glory.

Gordon’s manager, Shane Stanford of Focus Management Limited, also applauded the TTO C’s initiatives and was optimistic about a combined future for sport and culture.

“Focus Management as an entity, has always had its roots in both sport and culture so it is brilliant that the TTO C has created this opportunity of the cultural partners. Chuck Gordon has always been invested in building a community spirit, especially in his hometown of Laventille. I think this is just the start. He is a proud Trinbagonian and we are proud to join him and the athletes on the road to Rio” said Stanford.

Gordon and Stanford also encourage the public to support the athletes as they fight for glory at the 216 Olympic Games. Donations and contributions can be made via Scotiabank or texting DONATE to TTO 10, TTO 20 or TTO 50 to donate TT $10, TT $20 or TT $50 respectively.