Grabbing the spotlight once again, T&T Olympian Njisane Phillip was named the most outstanding international men’s cyclist at the Easter International Cycling Grand Prix, on the closing day of competition, Sunday, at Skinner Park, San Fernando.


A day after capturing the match sprint title for the second straight year, Phillip took top honours ahead of regional rivals Marloe Rodman of Jamaica and Barbados’ Jamol Eastmond, who ended with a second and third placed finishing tally, respectively. Phillip took three wins on the evening, the International Men’s four-lap, seven laps and eight laps, leaving Rodman in second for the first two races, before taking a third-placed finish in the International 40-Lap event, which was captured by Argentine Dario Pagliaricci.


The third-place end in the concluding competitive race saw him finish on 35 points, while Rodman and Eastmond, ended on 30 and 26 points, respectively. On the final day Kwesi Browne and Varun Maharaj, also did T&T proud with two strong runner-up finishes in the International eight laps and the International Elimination events, respectively.


Among the women, Cuba’s Lisandra Guerra was expected to fare well at the three-day competition, but she exceeded all expectations when, in the end, the multiple Pan American medallist won all but two of her races over the course of the weekend.


The gap between Guerra and second placed finisher American Shelby Reynolds, epitomised her prowess in regional competition. Guerra, amassed a monumental total of 65 points, with Reynolds nearest on 34 points. Guerra was named the Most Outstanding International Women’s cyclist.


Guerra proved not only fearless, but also a handful amongst her male colleagues, when she blistered to a winning end in the international BMX event, a non-competitive event for 15 volunteers (men and women) of the international class. In the one-lap race, Guerra took a clear win as she left Rodman and T&T’s Aziza Browne for second and third, respectively.


With the Easter Grand Prix concluded, the T&T Cycling Federation’s focus will be on the Petrotrin International Criterium, which pedals off tomorrow (Wednesday), on the Rienzi Kirton Highway, San Fernando, from 7 pm.


Twenty (20) categories of races will be held from International and Invitational-one lap to the Masters 60+. The start and finish line is opposite the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) South Campus. There are cash prize incentives in all categories.

International Two laps
1st    Jamol Eastmond (Bar)
2nd    Haseem Mc Lean (Team DPS)
3rd    Kwesi Browne (T&T)


International Men Four laps
1st    Njisane Phillip (T&T)
2nd    Marloe Rodman (Jam)
3rd    Alberto Napoles (Cub)


International Men Seven laps
1st    Njisane Phillip (T&T) 
2nd    Marloe Rodman (Jam)
3rd    Jamol Eastmond (Bar)


International Men Eight laps
1st    Njisane Phillip (T&T)
2nd    Kwesi Browne (T&T)
3rd    Marloe Rodman (Jam)


International and Invitational 40 laps
1st    Dario Pagliaricci (Arg)
2nd    Phillip Clarke (Bar)
3rd    Njisane Phillip (T&T)


International Elimination
1st    Marloe Rodman (Jam)
2nd    Varun Maharaj (T&T)
3rd    Dario Pagliaricci (Arg)


Junior, Elite and International Ladies Two Laps
1st    Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cub) 
2nd    Aziza Browne (T&T)
3rd    Shelby Reynolds (USA)


Juvenile Ladies Four laps
1st    Dominique Lovell (AWCC)
2nd    Kollyn St George (Madonna)


Elite-1 Elimination
1st    Thireef Smart (Petrotrin)
2nd    Marc Codrington (Slipstream)
3rd    Will Derger (Sonics)


Elite-2  Elimination
1st    Jude Codrington (Petrotrin)
2nd    Keron Bramble (Sonics)
3rd    Michael Phillips (Mikes Bikes)


Elite-3 Four laps
1st    Cowin Thomas (Sonics)
2nd    Neil Reece (Guyana)
3rd    Jonathan Harding (Madonna)


Elite-4 Four laps
1st    Robindranath Balgobin (Hummingbird)
2nd    Andrew Dopson (Hummingbird)
3rd    Robin Diptee (Hummingbird)


Junior, Elite and International Ladies Unknown
1st    Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cub)
2nd    Shelby Reynolds (USA)
3rd    Dahlia Palmer (Jam)


Masters 40-49 Four laps 
1st    Rocky Hosein (Hummingbird)
2nd    Cecil Hackett (Bike Smith)
3rd    Roger Smart (Madonna)


Juniors 3-lap win-and-out
1st    Urba Bourne (Southampton)
2nd    Joshua Kelly (Sonics)
3rd    Oludare Marcel (Madonna)

Juveniles Three-lap win-and-out
1st    David Orr (Bike Smith)
2nd    Ramon Belmontes (Petrotrin)
3rd    Aaden Redhead (Bike Smith)
Junior, Elite and International Ladies Four laps
1st    Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cub)
2nd    Shelby Reynolds (USA)
3rd    Keiana Lester (T&T)


Elite and International Ladies Two-lap
1st    Shelby Reynolds (USA)
2nd    Lisandra Guerra (Cub)
3rd    Adreina Riviera Del Risco (Col)


Junior Ladies Two laps
1st    Joy Abigail John (AWCC)
2nd    Cheyenne Awai (AWCC)


Elite-1 Two laps
1st    Thireef Smart (Petrotrin)
2nd    Marc Codrington (Slipstream)
3rd    Warren Mc Kay (Team Trek)


Elite-2 Two laps
1st    Keron Bramble (Sonics)
2nd    Jude Codrington (Petrotrin)
3rd    Kevin Tinto (Bike Smith)

Elite-3 Elimination
1st    Nicholas Lopez (Madonna)
2nd    Roger Malco (Team Foundation)
3rd    Samuel Alleyne (Sonics)


Elite-4 One lap
1st    Robindranath Balgobin (Hummingbird)
2nd    Andrew Dopson (Hummingbird)
3rd    Kegan Braithwaite (Sonics)


Juveniles Two laps
1st    Kristoff Frontin (Sonics)
2nd    David Orr (Bike Smith)
3rd    Ramon Belmontes (Petrotrin)


Juniors Elimination
1st    Edwin Sutherland (Bar)
2nd    Joshua Kelly Sonics (Bar)
3rd    Oludare Marcelle (Madonna)

Juvenile Ladies Elimination
1st    Kollyne St George (Madonna)
2nd    Dominique Lovell (AWCC)


Elite 1, 2, 3, Juniors and Juveniles 15 Laps
1st    Warren Mc Kay (Team Trek)
2nd    Keron Bramble (Sonics)
3rd    Michael Phillips (Mikes Bikes)


Masters 60+ Four Laps
1st    Pat Nelson (Team Trek)
2nd    Kent Luces (Sonics)
3rd    Earl Henry (Unattached)


Masters 40-49 Four-lap win-and-out
1st    Rocky Hosein Hummingbird
2nd    Roger Smart Madonna
3rd    Cecil Hackett Bike Smith


Masters 50-59 Two laps
1st    Clyde Pollonais Southclaine
2nd    Derrick Davis Unattached
3rd    Wayne Samuel Southclaine


Elite and International Ladies Seven Laps 
1st    Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cub)
2nd    Adreina Riviera Del Risco (Col)
3rd    Shelby Reynolds (USA)