Microsoft country manager: Increase innovation to boost T&T’s economy

Racquel Moses, country manager, Microsoft T&T, and Herbert Lewy, general manager, Microsoft Caribbean, speak during the Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago Partner Connect at the MovieTowne Banquet and Conference Centre Port-of-Spain yesterday. PICTURE ANISTO ALVES

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Moses added that currently there was too much underexploited talent in T&T.

Acknowledging that T&T has a presence of innovation projects/programmes as well as the talent to support it, she said this means that as a country, T&T’s rank on the ease of doing business index should be higher.

“I understand risk aversion in T&T and I’m 150 per cent behind proper procurement, but all of these things in other places are able to happen faster and for some reason here, where we should be more agile, we are not necessarily as agile as we should be.”

Microsoft T&T held its Partner Connect, 2018 event yesterday at Movietowne Banquet & Conference Centre in Port-of-Spain.

Moses spoke to members of the media in an interview about the event and the factors in the external environment that impact the company’s local operations.

Referring to some of the initiatives to assist small businesses she said, “We are doing some innovative things with artificial intelligence in terms of determining what the needs of some of our smaller businesses are.”

“We really believe that’s where the ground swell is going to take place. The big companies are more visible, but the small companies not that much. I think in terms of T&T’s economy that’s where the difference is going to be made, that’s where the employment is going to be created, that’s where the innovation is going to come and that’s where the source of exports would lead from.”

Moses said while T&T can’t compete with the “Indias” of the world, it could when it comes to innovation and talent.



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