Geddert, who had ties to Larry Nassar, was facing several charges, including human trafficking

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They are the lost souls of protest, nearly five decades on from an act that was both misunderstood and reviled in its own time and largely forgotten or ignored since, even as it becomes more historically relevant by the day. They were two young Black American athletes – Vince Matthews from New York City and Wayne Collett from Los Angeles, more alike than the distance between their homes, yet different in ways that had defined their pasts, and would shape their futures. They were both fast, both strong. And fearless. Most of all, fearless. They ran the 400 meters, after all, and the track and field event they call the quarter (-mile) is not for the meek.

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The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) is partnering with the market network super app LUHU (Let Us Help U) to push sport in T&T towards digital transformation.

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Representatives from 36 countries on Sunday attended the AIBA Continental Forum for America, which was organised virtually this year because of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation.

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There's something you may not know about Tommie Smith.

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