HEPTATHLETE Tyra Gittens delivered another record-breaking display to capture gold at the South Eastern Conference (SEC) Outdoor Track and Field Championships which continued at the EB Cushing Stadium in Texas, United States on Friday.

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In the second edition of his definitive book on the steelband, The Illustrated Story of Pan, author Kim Johnson increases the page count by just 12, but the work feels more expansive than the first edition, which I recall only from flipping through it soon after its first publication.

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CLYDE LEON departed from us in the same humble fashion as he lived.

Yesterday’s sending off for the former Trinidad and Tobago national senior team captain was low-keyed and restricted to a few family members at the Heaven Pathway Funeral Home, San Fernando—the numbers limited due to Covid-19 protocols...

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When Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in protest at the 1968 Summer Games, Australian runner Peter Norman stood by them. It lost him his career.

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  • Calls for fresh measures to tackle hate and discrimination
  • Boycott to run from Friday afternoon until end of Monday
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All over the developing world, metropolises are rushing to cement their status as “global cities”. These are metropolitan centres that compete to become important hubs of cultural and economic activity in the interlinked global world. It’s all part of what scholars describe as “the modernity game”. And sport is rapidly emerging as an important way to display modernity and earn the “global city” mantle.

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