THE FUTURE of TT track and field will be in action next week when the 32nd annual Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games takes place at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain.

The West Zone Games will be held next Tuesday, followed by the East Zone Games the following day with both meets starting at 9 am.

Diamond Vale Government, a school that has dominated the Games since inception, will defend both the West B girls and boys titles. In the West A Zone, Carenage Girls will try to come out on top again and Dunross Prep will defend the boys title.

In the East B Zone, Success RC and Eastern Girls will aim to finish on top the podium again, while Chinapoo Government and St Dominic’s RC will try to emerge victorious again in the East A boys and girls categories respectively.

Yesterday, at the event’s launch at Marriott Hotel in Port of Spain, a cheque worth $150,000 for this year’s games was presented by title sponsor Milo.

Raymond Wallace, business executive officer at Nestle, Anglo Dutch Caribbean Region, said, “In 2019, we have invested $150,000 into the Kelvin Nancoo Games – part and parcel of our contribution toward the future of our youth.”

Wallace told the youngsters that the games can be the start of successful track and field careers for them. “As I look into the audience today, I see so much talent and future potential and Olympians of the future. Like so many successful athletes who have passed through these games – including the likes of Richard Thompson, Michelle Lee Ahye and Jehue Gordon – you have the opportunity to soar, to make your dreams a reality (and) to make yourself, your family, your country proud. It all starts with you.”

President of the TT Olympic Committee Brian Lewis, who thanked Milo for sponsoring the games for more than 30 years, spoke about the importance of having Primary schoolchildren involved in positive activities.

“My message is that the future of TT and the future of TT that you want to see resides in this room at this point in begins at the primary school and I encourage and urge you all to take the involvement of children at the primary school level seriously. Whether you from John John, Sea Lots, Morvant, Westmoorings, Charlotteville, Goodwood or Belmont all children want to do is play.”

Denise D’Abadie, head corporate communications at Nestle, said the games are part of the company’s commitment to supporting a healthy lifestyle.

D’Abadie said, “As we all know, physical activity is a critical part of leading a healthy lifesytle; and as such, these games play an important role in helping us achieve our global commitment to help 50 million children live healthier lifestyles by 2030.”

D’Abadie said the company will continue to do its part in keeping TT healthy. “Sadly, I repeat this every year. But the truth is that obesity, diabetes, and other non-communicable diseases continue to increase affecting our adults and children. Nestle is committed to making an impact on these alarming statistics and will continue to take a stand for nutrition, health, and wellness through these games, through our numerous nutrition education programmes and through our operations as a whole.”