The Trinidad and Tobago professional football league has taken a bold step into the world of new media technology, as it enters its next strategic phase towards the development of a sustainable business plan.

The TT Pro League launched its new website (ttproleague.com) and a new bi-monthly magazine on Thursday at Pier 1, where it was revealed by the League's Chairman Larry Romany, that selected League matches can now be viewed live on the internet, starting with the First Citizens Cup Final on Friday 29, September at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium.

"The time has come for us to take local professional football to another level, the very first day I got involved with the Pro League, I envisioned this is the direction the local game needed to go, with this new website people all over the world, whether it be in Europe, North America, Asia or Africa will be able to log on live and view selected league matches," said Mr. Romany.

He confirmed, "This will now allow our local players to showcase their talent on the international market, foreign clubs and scouts, can now see our players week in week out as they ply their trade on local soil."

"We at the TT Pro League continue to strive to be on the cutting edge with, and this new interactive website will afford us the opportunity to keep up with the with the fast developing world of football." Romany continued, "In this dynamic fast developing global environment, if you stand still you will

become obsolete, therefore the Pro League continues to strive to proactive and innovative."

The new website (ttproleague.com) allows current real time updates on all matches and activities related to the TT Pro League, it will also allow for interaction among football fans as there are chat rooms available, fans can now purchase Pro League team replicas online, as well as the new Pro League magazine.

The league is now accessible not only to local fans, but to the entire global village, including the Caribbean Diaspora

The League's chairman went on to explain, "These new initiatives, the website and the League's bi-monthly magazine are all part of the planned vision of the league. All of this falls under a department called Media Properties, and the intention is for the League to become a self-sustainable organization, as we move towards turning the league's brand assets into sustainable revenue streams."