For many people the glass is half empty.. not half filled.

Every day it's story after story of troubled times and overwhelming loss of hope.

Finding answers or signs of better days seem hard to come by.

But Sport seems determined to present the glass half filled option.

As difficult as things are claimed to be sport is delivering spurts of glass half filled.

Short-lived it may be but a necessary respite from the half empty glass.

Is it just a plaster for a sore? Even as congratulatory sentiments are expressed the lack of funding is swept under the target.

No money..No money.

Not enough money to go around. What are the consequences?

Broken dreams and shattered hopes. But all isn't loss.

The bitter frustration is actually strengthening mental resolve and fuelling determination.

Sports are equalisers balancing the gloom and doom with the positive.

The Flag of Trinidad and Tobago isn't flying at half mast. Sport is seeing to that by ensuring that the flag is fluttering full of pride and joy while bringing good news to the table.

The inconvenient truth- that more and more sportsmen and women and their support team have to bear the cost -don't matter- and is just a kill joy.

It don't matter..We taking that .

Success brings with it big ticket items and higher cost.

But it don't matter...Just do it.. win baby win...

However you can fund it it...Just win baby win..

It makes no sense- not little sense.. no sense -getting angry.. The country is in dire economic straits so it's the responsibility of every one to make miracles happen.

Just win.. We need to celebrate and be happy .

If anyone can sport can. Sport Matters to Trinidad and Tobago. At times it may appear that sport is of little importance in the broader scheme of life here on the twin Island Republic.

Always the first to be shoved down the priority list. Out of mind and sight until victory is in the line of sight.

Is it sport that matters or sport matters when we winning ?

Our sportsmen and women embody the positive ideals and values of Trinidad and Tobago .

As challenging as the economic times maybe the pressure to succeed is greater than ever and the sacrifices more pronounced.

As our sportsmen and women continue to test their mettle against the very best on the international stage. The life of an athlete involves a lot more than just competing. It's a journey and as with all journeys it takes time and effort.

Time and effort chasing the dream of sporting success is a journey of a lifetime. Its a journey that requires financial resources.