One thing for sure that we can all attest to is the high level of scrutiny and public scrutiny that public office holders have to face when they are elevated. Everyone will have a perspective and a point of view about why both are important. Social media has heightened such scrutiny with the average citizen who now has an avenue to express their opinion. It can be a mind bender.

But at the end of the day it's simple since accepting office will test not just your resolve but your capability and capacity and even your patience. Every institution is under the microscope these days, the agendas are voluminous.

The challenge is figuring out what are the priorities and what is the common cause?

Yesterday, March 19, 2018 is a historic date as T&T's first woman President was sworn in - Her Excellency President Paula-Mae Weekes or Madame President.

There are great expectations on the horizon.

Outgoing President Anthony Carmona five-year term as President of the Republic saw him take an active interest in sport and the role and power of Sport. The positive difference sport can make and the positive profile and image the twin Island Republic's athletes deliver for T&T.

It was particularly encouraging and heartening to hear Madame President Weekes during her inauguration speech make mention of her participation in the T&T International Marathon.

Completing a marathon is no mean feat. It takes an enormous reservoir of determination and resilience to surmount the mental, physical and emotional tests that one will invariably face during the 26.2 miles endurance event.

Her embrace of the marathon is testament of her courage and indomitable will.

There are those who will have us believe that the office of President of the Republic of T&T is ceremonial and of little relevance or significance in the reality of governance in modern day T&T. However, at this point in time, the Office of President of the Republic is firmly entrenched and prominent in the Constitution of T&T.

As such many citizens remain loyal to the concept that the President of the Republic matters and that the office holder sets the tone when it comes to leadership and is expected to be the voice of reason and wise guidance.

The transformation of T&T society to reinvent our institutions, systems and quality of leadership requires that office holders be the catalyst for the transformation.

We need to move our country forward to a brighter future.

We can't leave change to chance as we thank the our outgoing president Anthony Carmona for his service and and no doubt dedication to country and at the same time welcome our first woman and sixth President as the baton has been passed for another leg of this leadership relay.

We must continue to approach the future with confidence, ambition and aspiration.

My sister (Arlene) is an Old Hilarian and even though she lives in the USA her sense of pride and joy that - a Bishop's girl - is President of the Republic is loud and triumphant.