Invaders Bay has awesome potential to rival similar sized projects around the world. Most of which are visionary, breathtaking and jaw-dropping.

The Conceptual Development Plan for the 75.37 acres of undeveloped, new greener, reclaimed land situated in West Trinidad along the Audrey Jeffers Highway known as Invaders Bay should include a sports entertainment hub.

A recent advertisement placed in the daily newspapers by the Urban Development Corporation of T&T Limited (UdeCoTT) made the statement that UdeCoTT wishes to identify suitably qualified entities to submit proposals to develop Invaders Bay in accordance with it’s Conceptual Development Plan.

The plan includes Office and Commercial Spaces; Recreational and Entertainment Facilities; Hotel Accommodation; Conference and Convention Facilities; Residential Spaces; and Marina/Ferry Terminal.

The tender requests for the development of Invaders Bay didn’t appear to embrace the significant opportunities within the global sports entertainment industry.

A beach and sand facility whereby T&T can attract the Beach Soccer World Cup and World Beach Games. What about an indoor facility that can host an NBA pre-season event. There are many examples, Madison Square Garden, Rogers Centre, just to name two.

Invaders Bay can attract sustainable revenue streams in the multi-billion dollar industries that are sports, entertainment, fashion, art and music.

There are examples all over the world. This is an opportunity to create something spectacular.

One can only hope that the visionary type projects that can be found in cities such as Miami, New York, Qatar, Toronto will make Invaders Bay awe-inspiring.

The Fifa World Cup is coming to Canada, Mexico and USA close enough for T&T to position itself to attract some attention for those who want to get away in a more relaxing environment. The biggest plus is that Invaders Bay can be visionary, the private sector and entrepreneurial.

Brand T&T is due for either a major boost or underwhelming disappointment. Time will tell if Invaders Bay will go the way of the majority of billion-dollar projects.

But no one who has travelled will not feel a bit of eager anticipation at the possibilities given the right mix of visionary deep-pocket investors who have done breathtaking projects around the world.

Fingers-crossed that corruption will not rear its head and Invaders Bay will be the visionary crown jewel that it can be.

Close your eyes and dream.