The PASO Extraordinary General Assembly met in Brasilia on 5 May,2016, to discuss and decide upon the proposals for the amendments of their constitution. The meeting was chaired by the Interim President of PASO and ANOC Vice President for Americas, Dr. Julio C. Maglione and was attended by all 41 NOCs of PASO.

After open and constructive discussions the General Assembly decided on the following amendments to its constitution:

All PASO members will have one vote in the election of host cities except the NOCs who have hosted the Pan American Games who will each have two votes.
The General Assembly approved the new PASO Code of Ethics, which among other amendments includes a specific clause prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

The election for the PASO Presidency is set to be held between December 2016 - February 2017. The Assembly decided that eligible candidates to run for the position of PASO President should have served as a NOC President, Vice-President or Secretary General for at least three years during their career which overruled the proposal to have served in those positions "immediately preceding their nomination".

The General Assembly elected the President of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee Sara Rosario Velez to its representative on the ANOC Executive Council replacing Marcel Aubut, Canada, who resigned in 2015. Her appointment brings the total number of female representatives on the ANOC Executive Council to nine.
The day before the General Assembly, on 4 May, the 41 NOCs of PASO attended a ceremony welcoming the Olympic Torch to the Capital of Brazil to start its journey around the country.

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