It's been just over a week at the TTOC'S Team TTO Pre Olympic Games Camp. The atmosphere at the camp has been great thus far with the athletes putting in work over the last few days. 

Sunday (31 July) was a day off for the majority of the team with some of the athletes getting in their first session since their arrival. 

Joining the rest of the team at the camp was Christopher George, Khalifa St. Fort, Richard Thompson, Emmanuel Callender, Jarrin Solomon, Kelly Ann Baptiste, Keston Bledman and a few others with the last athlete arriving today (2nd August) in São Paulo.

At the Olympic  village in Rio de Janeiro, Sailor Andrew Lewis, Gymnast Marisa Dick and Rower Felice Aisha Chow have already checked  into the village. The remainder of the delegation  will enter the Olympic Village on the 4th August. 

Team TTO will journey from their training camp at  the Villa Santo Agostinho Hotel   by Coach Bus arriving at the Olympic Village after a  four hours bus ride.

Photo caption: Emmanuel Callender after training at track in the Colegío AZ Billigue in Bragança Paulista.