Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) President Brian Lewis and secretary general Keith Joseph have made a historic trip to Dominica having accepted an invitation from the head of the country’s NOC, Billy Doctrove.

It marks the first time that a CANOC President and secretary general have visited the mountainous Caribbean island nation.

Doctrove claimed that it would be beneficial to the Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC) to show the major changes undertaken to the structure and general operations of the national governing body since the current executive took up office in Roseau.

Lewis and Joseph held a meeting and open discussion with the DOC and its affiliates, advising on how best it can further improve its operations.

They then met with the DOC executive separately.

It was hoped the high-profile visit would assist in developing increased awareness in the responsibility of affiliates as far as their general accountability as members of the DOC is concerned.

The visit came at a time when the DOC is seeking out additional methods to improve the services that it offers to its young sportsmen and women in their quest to fulfil their potential.

Lewis was re-elected as CANOC President in October of last year.

He is due to serve until 2022 after being voted in at the organisation's General Assembly in Haiti.

Lewis was originally elected to the role in Barranquilla in Colombia in 2017.

He took over the remainder of Steve Stoute's term after the Barbados official resigned following 17 years in charge.

Doctrove, a former international cricket umpire, unseated incumbent Felix Wilson to be elected DOC President in May 2017.