The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC)  confirms that Shakeel John will replace Mikel Thomas as the Alternate Athlete on the Trinidad and Tobago Bobsleigh Team.

The TTOC approved an urgent  request  that Mikel Thomas be withdrawn due to medical circumstances unrelated to the strict Beijing Winter Olympics Covid-19 protocols and countermeasures.
 The TTOC's best wishes go out to Mikel Thomas for his full recovery.
TeamTTO met up with Mikel Thomas in Atlanta and will now make their way to Istanbul, then Beijing.
On the basis of privacy and confidentiality the TTOC will make no further statement or comment on the specifics of the athlete's medical circumstances. 
Team TTO Chef de Mission Lovie Santana, COVID-19 Liaison Officer Rheeza Grant, athletes Axel Browne and  Andre Marcano and Technical Support Thomas Harris are  enroute to Beijing China.
All required Travel arrangements to get Shakeel John to Beijing are underway.
The logistics to travel to Beijing China are complex but the TTOC is doing all it can to surmount the challenges.

Source: TTOC Media Release (Friday, 28th January 2022)