Guadalajara City,MexicoGuadalajara began a far reaching, large scale urban transformation that will result in a great social and economic transformation.

Renowned worldwide as the birthplace of the most important Mexican symbols, Guadalajara proudly and enthusiastically welcomes the challenge of organizing the best Pan American Games in history by revitalizing the entire city, primarily its downtown historic center.

In Guadalajara, the past and the present co-exist in perfect harmony. Its residents enjoy the icons of Mexican folklore while recognizing their hometown as one of the cities with the most economic, cultural, and educational potential in all of Mexico.

In all, the Guadalajara we want is modern and keeps its eyes toward the future. With the celebration of the Pan American Games, we have the opportunity to re-energize the city's transformation to become a place that meets the new needs of its citizens. This way Guadalajara reaffirms its position in the world as a place that sees itself, not only at the core of the Mexican culture but, as a cosmopolitan city offering a higher quality of life to its residents and visitors.

The Pan American Games are a great opportunity and an unprecedented challenge that we can take on to go even further. That's why today, we have a new Guadalajara; a city that is transforming itself to give you the warmest welcome.

We want to share a city that is not just complete but also, full of life and enthusiasm.