RIA RAMNARINE’S brainchild female empowering initiative, ‘Boxing Beyond The Ring’, has been hailed as a model initiative by the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Programme (ICECP) and is now set to be implemented in Uganda in February 2016.

Having been especially invited as peer mentor to the first module (September 19-22) of this year’s ICECP at the University of Delaware Campus in Newark, Ramnarine was priviledged to once again share her life-changing experiences throughout ‘Boxing Beyond The Ring’ with participants of the 2015/ 2016 course. The former Trinidad and Tobago top-ranked female fighter was specifically chosen by ICECP Univeristy of Delaware director Matthew J Robinson to take part in this year’s programme, having been a model participant in the 2014 edition by making such a positive impact through her exploits ‘beyond the ring’.

As part of the IECEP, Ramnarine developed ‘Boxing Beyond the Ring’, an initiative designed to encourage female participation in boxing by highlighting the sport’s physiological and psychological benefits, including an increase in self-efficacy, empowerment and personal safety.

“I’ve been privileged to become part of two ICECP groups, although not a student of ICECP’s 8th edition,” shesaid. “But the group made me one of their own after the few days I spent with them, sharing advice, giving support and basically fulfilling the responsibility of being the mentor. They were a great bunch who I am sure will be very successful and make the most of ICECP.

I’d like to thank the USOC, Olympic Solidarity and University of Delaware for giving us coaches such a beneficial and amazing opportunity, and also for recommending me to this programme.

More so, my ICECP brainchild, Boxing Beyond the Ring, is set to be implemented in Uganda next February.” According to the ex-national pugilist, her recent experiences have provided her with the opportunity to become a better coach and has even propelled her into the MEMOS program.

MEMOS is an Executive Masters in Sport Organisation Management, offered by Olympic Solidarity and the University of Louvain.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ramnarine, an honours graduate of the seventh edition of the ICECP and former world champion in women’s boxing from Trinidad and Tobago also credited the works of all ICECP directors and Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee president, Brian Lewis.

“I cannot express how truly honoured I am to be asked to return and share my experiences with this year’s class. The ICECP is a great programme and I am humbled to be able to have this.” The recently-completed ICECP module featured coaches representing 34 countries and 14 sports in five continents. The 2015- 16 programme, divided into four modules, started in September and will run until May at the University of Delaware, the U.S.

Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, apprenticeship sites around the US and the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The programme aims at assisting national- level coaches in developing proficiency in the areas of sport sciences, talent identification, athlete development, safe sport, coaching education, coaching management and grassroots sport development. The intended outcome is for ICECP participants to return to their countries and serve as coaches within their respective sports while becoming foundation builders for future coaches and athletes and spreading the Olympic spirit.

“In the past seven years we have worked with over 190 coaches and the ICECP has impacted sport in over 80 countries through the efforts of the past participants,” said Robinson, UD sport management program director. “Past participants have risen to positions of leadership in their National Olympic Committees and sport federations, and have enhanced the well-being of athletes in their countries.

We will challenge this year’s class to aspire to the same goals.

ICECP would not be possible without our colleagues here at UD and in the sport community around the U.S. So many committed professionals contribute to the success of ICECP. It is a true team effort on the part of the U.S. sport community.”