For any number of reasons, people have short memories or their recall may be situational. Context and facts tend to get lost in the telling. Repeating and not taking for granted the message of ten or more Olympic gold medals by the year 2024 is a critical success factor.

Sport will achieve big things in the coming years. National Sport Organisations (NSO) and National Governing Bodies (NGB) are showing heightened determination and a sense of urgency.

Those who are not alive to the opportunities will eventually come around. No one wants to be left behind.

But there is cause for great optimism. As the message that sport leaders need to rehabilitate themselves away from the addiction of dependency on state support gains traction, I confidently predict that sport will be better for it.

The TTOC is determined to craft new ways and new products and services to align Olympic Movement objectives with national priorities.

These are critical times for Trinidad and Tobago.

But we believe in the Olympic Movement that sport and Olympism can help address the challenges facing our country.

Our commitment to the cause is not conditional on approval, it is our mission and purpose.

At the TTOC, we strive to find innovative ways to maximise resource efficency and effectiveness.

Getting it right is not a luxury, its an imperative.

T&T will achieve great Olympic  success. Now is the time to support the dream.

Just so that those who may have forgotten or are not aware of what is the thinking driving ten or more Olympic gold medals by year 2024, see below:

10Golds24 aims to cultivate a system of excellence that clarifies the development pathway and performance management system that holistically foster, mentor, nurture and develop Olympians and Olympic Champions.

Training to be an Olympic champion is a full time commitment that demands both discipline and dedication to maintain competitiveness and to win medals. Elite and high performance athletes competing in individual and team sports must dedicate time, money, and energy to their athletic endeavors.

Signaling a new mindset, a new attitude and a new approach where the T&T Olympic Committee targets the big goal and the big dream of ten Olympic gold medals by the year 2024.

Establishing a change in culture entails breaking down barriers with new and innovative approaches. Thus, this approach intends to sensitise the nation about the reality that exist with out National Athletes in an attempt to encourage support of our athletes on their journey to fulfilling the Olympic Dream.

Launched on 26 December 2014, the TTOC president participated in the 2015 T&T International Marathon to raise awareness on funding for the Athlete Welfare and Preparation fund. The Fund is envisioned to be independent, transparent, accountable and non—governmental.

Many of TTO Elite and High Performance athletes are not financially well rewarded and would not have an opportunity to reach their potential without financial support. Financial support or the lack of it across the stages of an athlete’s long term development have ended or compromised the dream of many talented young men and women.

The training to compete and to win phases of an athlete’s long-term development is particularly critical. As is what happens after their competitive life is over.

The aim of #10golds24 athlete welfare and preparation fund is to provide financial assistance to our nation’s Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games athletes to enable them to train, recover and compete. The fund aims to assist athletes in the following aspects:

Direct support (stipend) and out of pocket expense

Medal bonus

Health and Accident Insurance

Internships with Corporate T&T to prepare for life after elite sport

Life skills training .

• Brian Lewis is the President of the  Olympic Committee. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Olympic Committee.