While many consumers are considering cutting ties with FLOW, the Trinidad and Tobago's Olympic Committee is signing up with the communications giant.

Today, FLOW / Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited and the TTOC announced the signing of a partnership between the two organisations that will enhance T&T's drive toward ten (10) or more Olympic Gold Medals by the year 2024 (#‎10Golds24)

Both parties signed a five (5) year, multi-million dollar agreement will ensure that will ensure a steady FLOW of funding toward the development and promotion of the TTOC #10Golds24 Athlete Welfare and Preparation fund.

The fee is broken into $TT one million dollars per year going toward the TTOC in the form of $TT six hundred thousand dollars cash toward the athletes and TT four hundred thousand dollars for brand ambassador representation.

Managing Director, Consumer Group, Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited, Brian Collins said FLOW TT is delighted to partner with the TTOC along the Going for Gold journey.
"Both Brian Lewis and I believe there is nothing more important than helping our Trinidad and Tobago athletes to improve their performance and achieve their goals of Olympic glory".

"There will be support for athletes for Rio 2016, right through to Tokyo 2020," he explains. "We hope our relationship continues beyond 2020"

Discussions between the two parties were taking place for almost a year prior to today. TTOC President Brian Lewis in his welcome address told invited guests and members of the media “welcome to the future”. He added, “Tapping into internet GDP and the economic promise of the online age is the way the TTOC must go if it wants to transform the way it markets itself and brands.”

The partnership allows the TTOC to explore opportunities in the social and e-commerce economy added Lewis. Honorary SEcretary General Annette Knott was high in praise for the #10Golds24 initiative which has really excited Corporate T&T to get on board with the TTOC, especially after the move by president Brian Lewis to take part in the marathon.