The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) unveiled the full line of sport wear for the Olympic delegation on Wednesday.

The line, which was conceptualized and designed by Adidas contains 38 pieces in all which include competition wear, podium wear, training wear, village wear as well as apparel for the opening and closing ceremony.

TTOC President, Brian Lewis, said that the Adidas team actually met with the TTOC over a year ago, where various sporting bodies such as the National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad and Tobago (NAAA) were invited to assist with deliberating on the uniforms.

Lewis said that the uniforms represent the theme of “the story of light, with Rio as the ultimate stage."

“The looks would keep with the brand’s overall concept: bold, minimal and focused,” he added.

The presentation marks the first ever public unveiling of an Olympic sport line, something Lewis says ties in with the branding and marketing of team TTO. For Lewis, it’s all about athlete engagement. “It’s all about us trying to do things differently in terms of modernizing the team TTO brand.

“We’re very grateful to Adidas for working alongside us. This is the third Olympics that we’ve partnered with them. We’re also very proud to have our cultural partnership with Sunny Blingg, Chuck Gordon, Erphaan Alves and Sekon Sta. It’s all been a part of the whole transformation.

"I hope people like it, it is a bit different but it's all part of our brand T & T. Team TTO represents the best of what Trinidad and Tobago has to offer; an amalgam of our lifestyle, our music, our culture, our art and of course, our sport.

We look at all of these things that we are rolling out as an ongoing celebration of our 70th anniversary...we're committed to doing things differently this time around."