Sport stakeholders must share the burden of economic sacrifice as Trinidad and Tobago seeks to overcome and navigate economic difficulties

The dependency on, and attitude of entitlement to government funding can ​not​ continue to be the default position for stakeholders within the sport industry​.

National Sport Organizations must undertake Constitution Reform and modernize their governance structures to include:

Term limitations, democratic elections, submission of audited accounts and holding of annual General meetings and honouring the commitment to good governance.

​It is essential that Mismanagement, waste and corruption be eradicated. Good governance : effective and efficient sport management, transparency and accountability is the order of the day.

​When resources are limited, hard and difficult decisions must be made in respect of resource allocation.​ ​

Priorities​ must be​ established​ and sacrifices made. Budget measures that incentivize sport entrepreneurship and sport tourism will contribute to the growth and development of a sustainable sport industry.

​NSO's must partner with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sport to ensur​e that ​there are qualified physical education teachers in every primary and secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago.

Fostering creativity and innovation within sport in Trinidad and Tobago​ is the only way to ensure that Spor​t achieves its greatest potential, and not only share​s​ the burden but make​s​ a positive difference.