The Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) has launched a social media dashboard to track NOC performance across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Created alongside marketing agency Redtorch, the dashboard allows NOCs to access and analyse their social media performance.

A number of different metrics are featured, including engagement rate, views and growth rate.

NOCS can also filter results to compare themselves against other countries.

"We are delighted to launch the social media dashboard and to provide NOCs with easily accessible and regularly updated data," said ANOC Acting President Robin Mitchell.

"Social media is a critical means for NOCs to engage with fans in their countries and to spread the Olympic values.

"ANOC is therefore committed to supporting NOCs by not just equipping them with the tools to improve their social media performance but, also, through the dashboard, allowing them to track their own progress."

ANOC partnered with Redtorch in October to help improve the social media performance of its members.

The next stage of the partnership will be a social media toolkit containing advice and guidance, as well as a checklist of items for each NOC to implement.

In March, ANOC released the results of its social media survey which found that 91 per cent of NOCs have at least one social media profile.

However, smaller NOCs struggle with issues such as content creation and a lack of resources.

ANOC has updated its NOC directory to ensure all social media platforms are linked to each country's page.

The social media dashboard can be found here.