Previous Olympic Games have been marred by ticketing scandals.

British company THG Sports was accused of selling 1,000 black market tickets for Rio 2016, a scandal which led to the arrest in Brazil of IOC Executive Board member and President of the Olympic Council of Ireland Patrick Hickey.

Tokyo 2020 was working with more than 50 ATRs, who had ticket-selling rights in particular territories, before COVID-19 led to spectators being banned from attending events.

CoSport, the ATR for Tokyo 2020 in the United States, is currently facing lawsuits from customers who are fighting for full refunds for their tickets at the Games in the Japanese capital.

The firm is offering only a 75 per cent refund on hospitality packages after international fans were banned as they are refusing to return handling and service fees.

For next year’s Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Chinese e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology giant Alibaba had been appointed to run the ticketing programme.

It seems certain now, though, that only Chinese spectators will be allowed to attend the Games, with foreign supporters banned due to the coronavirus pandemic.