It will be the end for fete-match teams that organise and play matches without the government's approval, and for those who play football and others sports in numbers exceeding five.

They will now be required to seek approval from the Ministry of Sports and Community Development, following on Monday's Ministry of Health regulations which will be the guide for the return of sports in safe zones.

Minister of Sports and Community Development Shamfa Cudjoe when asked if teams that play fete matches at facilities across the country were in breach of the regulations, she said: " If you're doing it through a registered group, then the group writes to the ministry, providing the necessary information, as it relates to who are the people who are going to be participating, copy of their id, copy of their vaccination cards and that will be checked upon entry at the specific facility."

Cudjoe, whose responsibility it was to tweaked a proposal that outlined how sports would return via safe zone said: " People want to play, people want to get out. We have allowed for individuals and gatherings under five.

For national governing bodies, they were allowed to train and compete for national competitions. In this case, we're not only rolling out for national bodies but for sport-serving bodies. So let us say you and your partners at your community say let's go out on the field and play a match, that is not the type of sport that we're trying to encourage at this time because we can't control whether or not you're vaccinated.

We can't control how many spectators are going to gather, hence why the regulations speak to having certain facilities as safe zones.

For instance, the Hasely Crawford Stadium, the Larry Gomes Stadium, enclosed areas or areas that can be cordoned off to allow the administrator or the manager of the tournament etc, to be able to manage and control who is being allowed to gather.

For instance, indoor events being held, we have a capacity of 25 percent of the facility, and for outdoor, we have a limit of 50 percent of the facility's capacity."

Only yesterday, regulations for the return of sports in safe zones were issued. The regulations will run until March when a decision will be made on whether to stop the return of sport, continue it or expand it by adding more features.

Cudjoe quizzed on whether the regulations will refer to schools, said a decision has not yet been made for exemptions for school children: "Schools sports is managed by the Ministry of Education, they have their own set-up to do that but as it relates to these regulations, it is for vaccinated athletes. So I think it would carry the school-aged children who are vaccinated. It is for vaccinated athletes, officials spectators and so on. At this point in time, we haven't listed the exemption on school children who are not vaccinated to participate at this time."