I had an interesting experience towards the end of last year. It occurred when I visited the CEO of a prominent local sporting team to brief them about SKINS' then forthcoming social marketing campaign around supporting LGBT individuals in the sporting environment, known as #RainbowLaces.

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As the Olympic clock continues its countdown to this year’s Summer Games in Rio. Our athletes are poised to take the world stage, and represent Trinidad and Tobago in their respective sports. The TTOC holds steadfast in its commitment to our athletes, providing them with our comprehensive support as they continue to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the challenges ahead.

In 2015 City A.M., a London-based newspaper, featured a piece on sports sponsorships during the FIFA World Cup. The article delved into the prudency of brands agreeing to official sponsorship. It suggests that such was the level of saturation World Cup focused content that people were struggling to identify which brand was an official sponsor, and which wasn’t.

The inaugural Tobago Sea to Sea Marathon on the weekend featured three runners from Kenya with two emerging victorious. Kenneth Rotich, 25-years-old, has enjoyed success in Trinidad recently and transferred his winning streak to Tobago by capturing the 10K race title on Saturday.

With 75 days to go to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) is receiving more financial support. This time, it’s through a text-and-donate campaign with Press Play jukebox and International Olympic Committee (IOC) worldwide partner, VISA.