Falcons Akeem Stewart was in a class of his own, yesterday when he picked up gold in the shot put at the Hampton International Games at the Hasel Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo.

Stewart won with a best effort of 18.29 metres beating Hezekial Romeo of Rebirth in to second in 17.85 and Abilene’s Isaiah Taylor was third in 16.15. The overcast day kept the venue cool but the athletes heated up the track and field entertaining the small gathering at the Stadium that included mainly supporters from the respective clubs.

In the men’s 1,500m, it was Cougars’ Ashton Gill comfortably winning in a time of four minutes and 03.10 seconds. Antoneil Prince of Speed Factory was second in 4:03.44 and third was George Smith (Defence Force) in 4:05.51.

Andrea Foster of Guyana Defence Force won the women’s version of the race in 4:55.92 ahead of April Francis (Abilene) in 5:14.92 and Caryl Hamilton (UWI) in 6:42.81. Always an entertaining event, the 400m did not disappoint. Onal Mitchell of Point Fortin New Jets (PFNJ) clocked 49.99 to nab gold in the Boys Under-18 while silver went to Joshua Joseph (Concorde) in 50.40 and Jahi Hernandez (Abilene) bagged bronze in 50.52.

In the 400m Girls U-18 race, Kimani Alphonse of Pacesetters won in 58.16, with Rochelle Lewis (Abilene) in 59.92 in second and Tandika Haynes of Super Runners was third in 1:00.42. Memphis Pioneers and Cougars rhythm section were out in full force, cheering on their athletes from start to finish, churning on the excitement at the premier meet which have seen many of T&T’s elite compete including five-time Sportswoman of the Year Cleopatra Borel. Last night the senior men’s and women’s 100m sprint were scheduled to take place along with the 400m dash. The action continues today from 2 pm.

Javelin Women Open
1 Candessa Scott (Grenada)—48.32
2 Asha James (Zenith)—42.48
3 Chuntal Mohan (UTT)—40.36

Men Long Jump Open
1 Shamar Rock (Barbados)—7.46
2 Che Richards (Oasics)—7.39
3 Dwaine Herbert (UTT)—7.11

Women High Jump Open
1 Natrena Hooper (Guyana)—1.78
2 Kechelle Douglas (UTT)—1.65
3 Jeanelle Ovid (QRC)—1.65

100m Boys U-10 Open & Inv
1 Ryan Cody Simeon (Pacesetters)—13.95
2 Giovanni Bobb-Sample (Abilene)—14.02
3 Tre Vaughn Stewart (Burnley)—14.29

100m Girls U-10 Open
1 Naomi Elizabeth London (Pacesetters)—14.05
2 Lesanne Hodge (Memphis)—
3 Kaziah Peters (Simplex)—15.48

100m Boys U-12 Open
1 Tyrese James (Silver Bullets)—12.95
2 Kyrell Thomas (Cougars)—13.07
3 Keone John (Memphis)—13.12

100m Girls U-12 Open
1 Janika Jordan (Cougars)—13.35
2 Nakida Peters (Simplex)—13.35
3 Kianna Llewellyn (Cougars)—3.52

100m Boys U-14 Open
1 Shakeem McKay (Memphis)—11.59
2 Jordan Pope (Cougars)—11.78
3 Miguel Charlery (St Lucia) - 11.91

100m Girls U-14 Open
1 Shaniqua Bascombe (Cougars)—12.42
2 Kurlecia Francis (Simplex)—12.65
3 Jaycelle Bailey (PFNJ)—12.92
100m Boys U-16 Open
1 Avindale Smith (Abilene)—11.03
2 Timothy Frederick (PFNJ)—11.20
3 Shakeel John (Concorde)—11.33

100m Girls U-16 Open
1 Deleth Charles (Memphis)—12.29
2 Abigail Dyett (Antigua)—12.39
3 Gabriella Walters (Simplex)—12.41

100m Boys U-18 Open
1 Onil Mitchell (PFNJ)—11.03
2 Jamaul Andrews (Simplex)—11.10
3 Clement Campbell (Memphis)—11.19

100m Girls U-18 Open
1 Akeera Esdelle (PFNJ)—12.00
2 Akilah Lewis (Concorde)—12.12
3 Darria Mathias (St Vincent)—12.27

400m Boys U-14 Open
1 Jordan Pope (Cougars)—55.63
2 Danny Kermal Charles (Pacesetters)—56.87
3 Miguel Charlery (St Lucia)—57.01

400m Girls U-14 Open
1 Natasha Fox (PFNJ)—58.15
2 Shaniqua Bascombe (Cougars)—1:01.32
3 Grenisha Thomas (St Vincent)—1:02.15

400m Boys U-16 Open & Inv
1 Ethan Forde (Cougars)—50.90
2 Kaylon Thomson (Abilene)—51.27
3 Chazz Alexander (Palo Seco)—51.77

400m Girls U-16 Open & Inv
1 Rae-Anne Serville (Memphis)—55.39
2 Joanna Rogers (Cougars)—55.67
3 Patrice Richards (Neon Wolves)—57.16

400m Boys U-18 Open & Inv
1 Onal Mitchell (PFNJ)—49.99
2 Joshua Joseph (Concorde)—50.40
3 Jahi Hernandez (Abilene)—50.52

400m Girls U-18 Open & Inv
1 Kimani Alphonse (Pacesetters) - 58.16
2 Rochelle Lewis (Abilene) - 59.92
3 Tandika Haynes (Super Runners) - 1:00.42

1500m Boys U-16 Open
1 Romeo Bastaldo (Grenada) - 4:30.17
2 Matthew Pulchan (Palo Seco) - 4:40.28
3 Aarin Simon (Memphis) - 4:43.00

1500m Girls U-16 Open
1 Zita Vincent (St Vincent) - 5:08.95
2 Andrea Gittens (St Lucia) - 5:10.27
3 Chaunte Williams (St Vincent) - 5.26.90

1500m Boys U-18 Open
1 Kyron Valentine (Silver Bullets) - 4:30.21
2 Ricardo Cova (Mayaro) - 4:30.23
3 Thishawn Edmund (PFNJ) - 4:33.09

1500m Girls U-18 Open
1 Kamillah Monroque (St Lucia) - 5:02.06
2 Delisha Paul (DPAC) - 6:05.71
3 Densier Gordon (Palo Seco) - 6:58.71

1500m Boys U-20 Open
1 Otis Barker (Toco Titans) - 4:22.45
2 Kriston Yahkarhim (Palo Seco) - 4:37.60
3 Diquan Bobb (Super Runners) - 4:41.72

1500m Girls U-20 Open
1 Zinara Lesley (MAP) - 5:28.27
2 Michaelene Williams (UTT Fast Track) - 5:29.79
3 Anisa Samuel (Abilene) - 6:28.03