THE National Football Coaches of TT (NFCTT) is eagerly seeking a place among the board of the directors in the TT Football Association (TTFA).


NFCTT interim first vice-president Wayne Sheppard, on Monday, said, “We sent in the documentation that we needed through to the (FIFA-appointed) normalisation committee for them to progress the process of us being (represented) at board level. We also made a call to Osmond Downer who was helping us with the constitution draft.”

Sheppard said, “We had to put the work with normalisation committee to get us reinstated on the front burner because their mandate is to further align the constitution with FIFA’s constitution. We want to make sure that, in that alignment, we are not left out.”

The NFCTT’s interim executive comprises Jefferson George (president), Sheppard, Dernelle Mascall (second vice-president), Curtis Orr (treasurer), Rayshawn Mars (general secretary), Angus Eve, Clayton Morris and Richard Hood (ordinary members).

According to Sheppard, the group is pleased with the feedback they have been receiving from the normalisation committee, headed by Robert Hadad.

“Jefferson George is the person who’s (on) point on all communications with the normalisation committee,” Sheppard said. “He’s been corresponding with them as it relates to the documents required to get us reinstated at board level. We have been kept up to date by his interactions with them. There is no complaint from that aspect.”

Sheppard said that the national coaches, who were hired during the four-month reign of William Wallace as TTFA president, are still hopeful of getting the remainder of the salaries owed to them.

“We were paid 50 per cent and we’re still discussing with (the normalisation committee) the time frame for the remaining 50 per cent,” he said. “That matter pertains to the coaches who were appointed to the national positions in early 2020.”

With regards to the work being done by the NFCTT, Sheppard said, “We met with the TTOC (TT Olympic Committee) to discuss transparency in governance and those things, the effects of the (covid19) lockdown on sports, and getting things back up.

“We also started a covid-relief drive for coaches who are out of work, non-national coaches,” he added. “We distributed some hampers. We had a meeting with the technical director Dion La Foucade (last) weekend.”

Sheppard pointed out, “We met with the Pro League, the Super League (and) WoLF. We have to meet with the Tobago coaches, through the Tobago Football Association and then the South, East and North coaches. That will all be done together.”