SCOTT HARLAND, of Canada, was the third foreign rugby coach within the past month to visit Tobago, as part of a national programme, to increase the knowledge capacity of local coaches and players.

Harland, who is the education and training manager for the Rugby Americas North region (RAN), conducted a coaching, refereeing and medical certification session, at the Calder Hall recreation field on November 20, for members of the Tobago Rugby Football Club.

Harland, whose visit followed on the heels of Colton Cariaga (United States) and Robin Mac Dowell (Canada) on November 7, was accompanied to Tobago by Maria Thomas, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Rugby Football Union.

Thomas, who recently attended RAN's Annual General Meeting in the United States, said the national sessions were strategic in facilitating the certification of coaches and trainers to meet minimum international standards.

Harland said he was surprised at the physical talent, tactical awareness and passion of the players, considering their limited playing time, due to the covid19 virus.

He also expressed his pleasure with the Tobago Rugby Club, with the emphasis placed on women development and participation in the sport.

Renowned for his work in developing the female game in Canada, Harland who has been working with ‘World Rugby’ for 13 years, said, “The Tobago girls are fast, powerful and dynamic. They will be welcome by clubs in Canada.”

One of the participants at the training session, 27-year-old Tenile Duncan, described the programme as fun, and said she learned some new techniques. Asked about any major differences between the two sessions by the foreign coaches, she replied, “What stood out for me with Harland, is the warm-ups drills before a game. His style is easier for me.

"But in general, it came down to basically the same training from the last time, but just different methods of approach.”