Professional cyclists, casual cyclists or citizens looking for a new form of transport will now have access to a lane around the Queen’s Park Savannah after a ground-breaking meeting was held on Monday morning between Government Ministers and members of the cycling fraternity.

At the end of the meeting held at the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, it was decided that cyclists will have access to one of the lanes around the savannah in approximately two weeks.

Cyclists will be allowed to use the inside lane (closest lane to the savannah) between 4 am and 6 am and between 8 pm and 9.30 pm during the week.

On holidays and weekends, riders would be allowed to use the lane between 6 am and 9 am.

Some of those present at the meeting were Minister of Works and Infrastructure Surujrattan Rambachan, Minister of Transport Stephen Cadiz, president of the Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club Barry Edghill and former national cyclists Gene Samuel and Roger Gibbons.

The Ministers also agreed to encourage the Chaguaramas Development Authority to provide the necessary infrastructure to elevate the Chaguaramas Golf Course circuit into a ‘Safe Cycling Zone’.

Yesterday Edghill was happy with the new development. “It is a relief. I almost stood up and applauded after hearing the news. It was such great news for cycling.”

He added that not only local riders would benefit, but foreigners who want to ride will now feel safe.

Members of the T&T cycling fraternity have been feverishly trying to get respect for riders. Edghill spoke about Share The Road T&T, an organisation launched following the passing of former national cyclist and coach Clinton Grant, who died while riding along the Audrey Jeffers Highway last year.

“They are on a mission to help educate motorists about what cyclists are entitled to, they also intend to educate what is required from them (cyclists).”

Samuel also could not contain his excitement, saying: “I am very excited for the safety of the riders. The meeting was very positive. After waiting so many years, it is a great thing, it will be great for tourists.”

Samuel believes citizens in T&T will start living healthy again and is confident there will be more bicycles on the road.

The former national cyclist has been pleading for the safety of cyclists for more than ten years.

Edghill, who praised Minister Rambachan for his help, is encouraging all cycling clubs and groups to give suggestions to establish more safe zones for cycling in the country.