Former national boxer Ria Ramnarine has launched the ‘Boxing Beyond the Ring’ programme geared towards teaching particpants about the added benefits of boxing—living a healthy lifestyle, empowerment, increasing self-efficiency and self-defence.

At the launch yesterday at the VIP Room of the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain, Ramnarine explained the mission of the programme.

Ramnarine said: “The mission is to encourage female participation in boxing through a training programme which enables participants to understand that apart from the sport outcomes, the physiological and psychological benefits of boxing lead to an increase in self-efficacy, empowerment and personal safety.”

Ramnarine spoke about the number of women who are victims of sexual offence crimes. “According to the UN women website, sobering numbers show that one in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence, mostly by an intimate partner.” Ramnarine is also grateful for the assistance lended by T&T Olympic Committee president Brian Lewis and his team.

Ramnarine was given the opportunity to participate at the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Programme (ICECP) in USA, after being nominted by Lewis. ICECP helped Ramnarine implement ‘Boxing Beyond the Ring.’

The first programme begins tomorrow with orientation and registration, followed by the first training session on January 24. The next programme begins in June. For further information call 763-1187 or email