On the occasion of International Women's Day which  is celebrated around the world on 8th March annually.

The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee(TTOC) has affirmed its support and commitment to advancing and  promoting the immense value and benefits that can be derived from women and girls involvement in sport.

"Encouraging effective action for advancing  and empowering women in sport is an essential aspect of good sports governance."

International Women's day is an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of women while raising awareness of the need to address a number of issues negatively impacting women in sport in Trinidad and Tobago.

The 10 or more Olympic Gold medals by the year 2024 #10golds24 vision includes increasing the number of TTO sports women qualifying for the Olympic Games and winning medals including  gold medals .

Under the IOC code of ethics safeguarding the dignity of individuals is a fundamental requirement of Olympism .

Therefore confronting and addressing all forms of  harassment of participants be it sexual, physical or professional health  and social constraints that negatively impact the lifelong participation and enjoyment of women and girls in sport are a key part of the TTOC's Olympism and Olympic Charter mandate.

International Women's Day can serve as an annual reminder that increasing women and girls participation in organised sport must be a priority that demands vigilant, sincere and committed focus and attention.

Progress has been made but much more needs to be done for women and girls in Trinidad and Tobago Sport and Olympic sport in particular.

Brian Lewis


Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee(TTOC)