On Thursday 5th March, 2015, the 28th Annual Nestlé Trinidad And Tobago Limited
MILO West Games 2015, was officially launched.

For the past 28 years, Nestlé MILO has proudly sponsored the MILO West Games – Zonal Games which provide a forum to unearth the rich athletic (track & field) talent that is resident in the North West. And this year, the Good Food, Good Life company will contribute $75,000 in cash toward the initiative.

The MILO West Games has long been considered a premier activity; the showpiece of the North Western District; and has produced a slew of athletes responsible for winning medals at national, regional and international athletic events.

At the launch, Mr. Kelvin Nancoo, Chairman of the Port of Spain and Environs Sports Council, brought remarks from the MILO West Games Committee, and extended immense gratitude to Nestlé MILO for its commitment to the Games for the past 28 years.  

Mr. Ephraim Serrette, President of the National Association of Athletic Administration, shared Nancoo’s sentiments, adding that the field of athletics (track and field) has seen the greatest success and most success at the Olympic Games for Trinidad and Tobago, than any other field. “The NAAA is pleased to be part of this, sanctioning such an event, because this is where our future Olympians and world champions will come from. We need to support this.”

Mr. Olson Oliver, School Supervisor III, brought remarks on behalf of the  Ministry of Education highlighting that participation in the Games contributes to numerous health, wellness and personal benefits, like development of moral values and social and emotional skills, unattainable via other means.

“It brings Nestlé a great sense of gratification, knowing that others view health, wellness, nutrition and sport in the same high regard as we do.” This from Mrs. Rae-Ann Clement- Harper, Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, Powdered Beverages at Nestlé.

Clement-Harper went on to acknowledge the efforts of the Ministry of Education, its Principals and Teachers, and all parents, students, athletes, volunteers and organisers who, year after year, give of themselves to ensure the success of the MILO Games.

Ms. Aleena Brooks, Feature Speaker and former MILO West Games participant shared her experience as a participant some 10 years ago, describing it as the foundation of her career as an athlete. She attributed her success on the track to the MILO Games as she mentioned a handful of her numerous accomplishments and stated “All of that (success) goes right back to the beginning where I started off at the MILO games.”

Aleena likened the Games to the Olympics - “I felt proud, because when you're that young, the MILO games felt like the Olympic.” This comment was met with approving applause.

Ms. Brooks, 23, went on to encourage the athletes present to continue the path of excellence set out by former MILO Games participants like Jehue Gordon and Michelle Lee Ahye. Her advice to the athletes was three-fold: “Believe in God; Believe in yourself; and have self discipline, which means doing what you need to do, even when you don’t feel like doing it.”

The Games
The MILO West Games will be held on Tuesday March 10th  at the Hasely Crawford Stadium under the Chairmanship of Mr. Kelvin Nancoo, Chairman of the Port of Spain and Environs Sports Council.
Preliminary track heats were held on Thursday 26th February at the Diego
Martin Central Secondary School, and at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

Producing Champions
Over its history the Games has produced thirteen (13) national athletes, with the
most recent being the top Under 20 400 metres hurdle athlete in the world, Jehue  Gordon and National Womens and world number three (3) rated sprinter Michelle-Lee Ahye.

Other National Athletes who debuted at the Milo Games include:
● Simon Pierre
● Fana Ashby
● Cleavon Dillon
● Renee Clarke
● Honore Mcdonald
● Kervin Morgan
● Michelle Lee Ahye
● Jonathan Holder
* Jehue Gordon
*Alena Brooks

For additional information on the MILO West Games, please contact:

Kim C.S. Kirton