Expect a united Morvant and Caledonia this 2014/2015 T&T Digicel Pro League season as Caledonia AIA FC has rebranded itself to Morvant Caledonia United.

Formed in 1979 by a group of school boys from Morvant, Laventille and environs Caledonia AIA has emerged as one of the top clubs not only in T&T, but in the Caribbean region as well, being crowned Caribbean Football Union Club Championship winners in 2012 and representing the Caribbean at the Concacaf Champions League, both in 2012 and 2013. Now they have branded to Morvant Caledonia United, with a mission to strategically unify the community.

Speaking about the club’s rebranding, the founder and technical director Jamaal Shabazz explained that it’s five years now they’ve been discussing rebranding since Caledonia is a small part of the bigger entity which is Morvant.

The emergence of gang related activity, divisive politics and the like has rendered our community into sectors and borderlines.”

Over the years Caledonia has contributed towards the successful development of many notable players like: Russell

Latapy, Dennis Lawrence (both of whom are now practicing coaches), Stokely Mason, Shurland David, Densill Theobald, Conrad Smith and Radanfah Abu Bakr just to name a few.

In addition, the club has also been an avenue for Caribbean players to gain opportunities as well. With players like Charles Pollard, Walter Moore (Guyana), Kendal Velox, Wesley John (St. Vincent and The Grenadines), Franklyn Drayton, Franklyn Baptiste (Grenada), Titus Elva and Valencius Joseph ( St Lucia ) all passing through the “Caledonia” ranks.

While they have not won a National league or the T&T Pro a League title, Caledonia has won the  FA Trophy on three  occasions and several cup competitions in the Pro League including the First Citizens Cup, Digicel Pro Bowl and the Lucozade Shield.

However for Shabazz, the trophy that he covets the most is winning the most disciplined team title in 2011/12 Pro League season.

“Discipline and the way we carry ourselves on and off the pitch is so important to us at the club. We strive for order and discipline in an environment where mob rule, chaos and disorder stares us in the face.”

“I have been motivated by the likes of Desperadoes, Massy All Stars, Solo Harmonites and Malick Folk Performers as good organisations coming out of our communities.”

“I hate it when our players get a yellow or red card and I cannot see anything that will make me as a coach get ejected from a game. The example we set to our communities is what keeps us in the game and in the battle for the minds of our young people.” “That’s why that the Most Disciplined Trophy meant so much to us,” he added.

Shabazz has admitted however that it has been an uphill task over the years as often times the club has lost battles but he remains hopeful in the war.