…wants mini-stadium for Caledonia

Former national coach and current technical director of Morvant Caledonia United Jamaal Shabazz says he is hopeful that things will improve for his community and club with the coming of the People’s National Movement into power.

Speaking on the eve of yet another Digicel T&T Pro League season as head of the Morvant/Laventille club coaching staff, Shabazz said, “The PNM knows that our mothers and fathers have been loyal to the party and while we are not asking for hand-outs, we need for them to remember who has stood with them, during the darkest days of the party.”

“If we get a mini stadium, a cultural facility, a top class library and even our own hospital and mall in Morvant we will be able to change our condition on our feet than instead of on our knees.”

“Is that really too much to ask of a party that has never lost this constituency?” Questioned Shabazz.

Notwithstanding the challenges, Shabazz has an ambition to ensure Morvant Caledonia United continue to be a factor for progress and development. “I live in Morvant, I went to school here and I stand for a united community; football by in its nature, is a factor that can bring the people together.”

“Once we get the necessary resources and the facilities, we are going to address this foolish gang violence in our community.

Because our players come from all parts of Morvant and Caledonia and I am not accepting any borderlines,” he ended.

With regards to the his club Shabazz stated that Caledonia will continue to play our part in the national and regional development of football.”

He added, “In the 36 years of our existence while I am proud of some of our achievements on the field.

I am more happy for the avenue we have been able to create for young people to develop themselves in a disciplined environment.”