“There is a definite inclination to ensure that the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees
(CANOC) plays a leading role in the application of good governance philosophy, principles and practices in
sport”. So said Keith Joseph, General Secretary of CANOC.

CANOC held its 13th General Assembly in Paramaribo, Surinam, on 11 October and one of the critical issues
emanating from the discussions was the importance of CANOC undertaking to include in its By Laws, a Good
Governance Code.

According to Joseph, “The subject was raised by the CANOC International and NOC Relations Commission,
headed by Brian Lewis, the president of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee and a member of the
CANOC executive.” The Assembly approved the recommendation and work is expected to commence
immediately on this aspect of CANOC’s advancement as a world leader in sport administration.

Joseph further stated, “given the international focus placed on FIFA and the startling revelations emerging
from the investigations it is important that we in the Caribbean take the necessary steps to ensure that
CANOC as an organisation and each individual National Olympic Committee and Commonwealth Games
Association affiliated become exemplars of good governance.“

CANOC was officially established in 2003 at its inaugural General Assembly held at the Jaragua Hotel, Santo
Domingo, Dominican Republic.