Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee member National Sport Organisations will meet Professor Leigh Robinson and other members of the  TTOC Good Governance Commission   the week of 2 -7 November.
The discussions form part of the stakeholder input element of  the  good governance code  initiative.
"It is important to produce a good sport governance code that reflects local realties and issues."
National Sport Organisations in membership of the TTOC are expected to adopt the code .
"The benefits of good governance is relevant  to every single sport organisation in Trinidad and Tobago.
Appropriate systems and processes for Good Governance are critical for the sustainable success of every sport organisation."
The proposed TTOC Good Sport Governance Code will consist of Principles, Recommendations and Guidance.
Key objectives are to Improve sport governance
Strengthen and foster Transparency, Efficency and Accountability  
Improve Financial reporting
Increase awareness and knowledge of effective governance in sport organizations.